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Training Methods

We teach advanced skills for day-to-day driving.
With this strategy, when stress does arise, there is a greater likelihood the driver’s instinctive reaction will be the best possible decision.

Didactic + Tactical

Understanding how humans perform and react in driving scenarios is as important as knowing what your vehicle will do when pushed to its limits.

In times of stress, humans can lose their ability to react properly to unexpected situations, and the only resource available becomes innate well-practiced behavior.

The IAPD curriculum

includes theory and application courses to instill a base of knowledge and instinct in the professional driver to manage day to day and to be prepared when unexpected hazards occur.



Time spent in a classroom often translates to down time and complex rescheduling in order to accommodate various schedules and workloads. IAPD has responded to these workplace complexities by developing an interactive and engaging eLearning program that systematically moves a vehicle operator through an advanced driver training program. This approach reduces operating cost by removing classroom space and instructor face to face time. Learner verification software is available to protect organizations against learner fraud and to enhance the integrity of training.


Adults learn best in a social environment where ideas and concepts are exchanged and expanded upon through personal experiences. IAPD’s classroom sessions introduce knowledge and skill development lead by a certified in-house instructor from within your organization. Using videos, animations and a comprehensive power point package covering all aspects of a professional driver improvement course, drivers are engaged in an immersed learning experience.

Advanced Theory and Application

  • Physical aspects of driving
  • Mental aspects of driving
  • Mechanics and physics of vehicle operation
  • Offensive vs. defensive driving
  • Tips and pitfalls
  • Written exams for immediate feedback

IAPD’s courses have been vetted through international subject matter experts who have worked with our curriculum designers to ensure accuracy of content and sound learning techniques.


Driving is 90% mental and 10% physical


Track Exercises

Controlled Driver Skills Development (CDSD)

Knowledge obtained through classroom or eLearning is critical and applying it in a meaningful environment is essential. Using specifically designed exercises and vehicle maneuvers, in-house instructors can hone the skills of every driver within your fleet. Exercises promote confidence and awareness for every driver and can be customized to accommodate unique vehicles.

In-Vehicle Coaching

Vehicle Operator Proficiency Development (VOPD)

Theory and controlled exercises do not always reflect real-world driving conditions or driver responses. Combining knowledge and skills development into a real-time environment is achieved through a state of the art comprehensive in-vehicle assessment and coaching program. Drivers can be coached on areas for improvement and baseline skills can be improved through ongoing coaching sessions. This is extremely valuable when new vehicles are being introduced, workers are reassigned, weather conditions vary, staff mature or medical return to work assessments are required.

Low Speed, High Stress

  • Expertly designed hands-on exercises
  • Realistically creates high-stress tensions at low-speeds
  • Focus on correct methods and technique
  • Practice scenarios in real-world conditions
  • Driver assessments and evaluations for immediate feedback

Over 40 years of research and practical application sets IAPD’s methods apart from other professional driver improvement programs.


IAPD Learning Modes


IAPD’s focus is on accident prevention, but when disaster strikes despite your IAPD-certified driver’s effort to avoid it, we stand behind our training principles and practices. IAPD will provide professional collision reconstruction service to any clients who's driver performance has been brought into question as a result of a collision.

Learn more about how our warranty works for you.

Your partner in training

IAPD partners with clients to implement and maintain training systems and certifications that reduce injury, loss of life, and property damage from vehicular collisions.