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Training Courses

IAPD partners with you, at your site, to design Professional Driver Improvement Courses (PDIC) that best fit your in-house training needs and budget. Our customized solutions blend proprietary course content with comprehensive services.

Emergency Vehicles

PDIC for Emergency Vehicle Operators

Emergency vehicle operation is unlike any other as it requires immense concentration and total awareness of the surroundings whether on a call or not. Community expectations for courteous and professional vehicle operations are of the highest standard. Coupled with emergency response where every second counts, drivers must be trained to the highest standard and have the confidence to maneuver any vehicle into and out of complex situations. Emergency vehicles need to arrive at their destination in a timely and safe fashion.

The IAPD eLearning delivery model was created in conjunction with Yardstick; a highly acclaimed and prominent distance learning corporation.

Non-Emergency Vehicles

PDIC for Public Works Vehicle Operators

Emergency vehicle fleet operators are not the only drivers who can and will benefit from our advanced professional driver improvement training. Municipal, county and government fleets require driver education and skill development similar to that of emergency responders. Frequently these drivers work in cooperation with emergency agencies during adverse weather and disaster events. Possessing the skills and confidence to perform their driving tasks is essential not only during challenging weather conditions but routinely within their communities.

The IAPD on-site delivery model utilizes a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction that builds knowledge and practical skills.


IAPD’s focus is on accident prevention, but when disaster strikes despite your IAPD-certified driver’s effort to avoid it, we stand behind our training principles and practices. IAPD will provide professional collision reconstruction service to any clients who's driver performance has been brought into question as a result of a collision.
The IAPD warranty works for you

Pilot your driving culture

nitiate a complete professional driver training curriculum designed for emergency response and public works organizations.