The IAPD Philosophy

IAPD partners with clients to help reduce injury, loss of life, and property damage from vehicular collisions.

Our solutions are designed to promote overall driver safety, performance, and efficiency.

Human Nature Meets Vehicle Dynamics

Understanding how humans perform and react in driving scenarios is as important as knowing what your vehicle will do when pushed to its limits. In times of stress, humans can lose their ability to react properly to unexpected situations, and the only resource available becomes innate, well-practiced behavior.

We teach advanced skills for day-to-day driving. With this strategy, when stress does arise, there is a greater likelihood the driver’s instinctive reaction will be the best possible decision.

A Driving Culture

IAPD solutions focus on accident prevention, and we present an opportunity to foster a culture of safe and efficient driving that is demonstrated by your professional drivers and beyond. The best teaching scenarios are ongoing with IAPD-certified trainers in-house for small classes, hands-on instruction, and immediate feedback.

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