Rod Davis Appointed CEO

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November 2013—International Academy for Professional Driving today announced the appointment of Rod Davis to chief executive officer. Davis joined IAPD in 2009 as vice president and was instrumental in shaping the company’s strategic direction, expansion, and operations.

Prior to IAPD, Davis spent 37 successful years in law enforcement, forensic services, and adult education. In 2002, he retired from law enforcement to become principal and CEO of The Viscount Group Inc., a multi-faceted forensic services corporation. Davis has trained and consulted in North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East and authored books on collision reconstruction and scene documentation used in college and training classrooms.

“Davis’ leadership has set the standard for advanced state of the art adult training with tangible results. ” said Brian Turner, IAPD president and founder. “His emphasis on educational methodologies and corporate implementation strategies will guide our growth and innovation moving forward.”

Davis and the executive team will continue to strengthen the company’s position as a leading provider of a unique 360 degree driver safety program that incorporates defensive driver education, advancing professional driver improvement training, in-vehicle evaluation systems and on scene collision investigation techniques suitable for fleet safety personnel. Clients ranging from transport to emergency services will benefit from expertly developed programs designed to meet the highest safety and policy standards.

“IAPD is uniquely positioned to move forward into an identified public safety and corporate fleet need that focuses on safe fleet operations, driver competency, and community safety. Our Corporate experience and history spanning three decades will serve as our pillars of education and will allow us to attach additional applicable programs to further reinforce our services and improve safety within the workplace and our communities. Our mission is to continue to design, develop, deliver and support every fleet operation that values professional driving and safety within all driving environments and communities,” said Davis.

IAPD is a recognized leader in advanced, professional driver improvement. It leverages expertise in adult education, training, management, and professional driving to help clients establish and improve upon safe, efficient vehicle operation regardless of fleet size, application, environment or challenges.

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