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Twenty years have passed and it is truly fascinating to see the progress. The slow lane has been taken up by government funded infrastructure- based programs, while the fast lane has been occupied by the most dramatic changes that have come from independently supported in-vehicle developments created by the leading car manufacturers. But it isn’t just car manufacturers. Most people will associate self-driving cars with Google, not a car company. Tesla in fact beat all the worlds car manufactures to not just the creation of a usable electric car but a car that rivals the best in the world including Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. Each of these companies are leaders in advanced vehicle technology, however it was the IT companies that have turned out to be the real game changers.

These statements were examined in greater detail when recently Mr. Rod Davis, a well-respected transportation expert and chief executive officer for the International Academy for Professional Driving was invited to speak at the annual Alberta Health and Safety Conference held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His presentation focused upon exposing the audience to many of the advanced optional and standard enhanced driver safety features currently in production within the automotive industry.

Davis explored both the intent of the technology and the potential risks subsequent to social and behavioral trends. The presentation engaged the audience in the risk factors encountered by every driver and how mediation techniques can better manage a safer transportation environment within our communities.

The presentation explored the recent advancements and developments in relation to technology within motor vehicles and the need to interface technology with the human factor in order to create a harmonic balance between social trends, technology and human behavior. The presentation; “Who is Driving Now” is an enlightening exploration of how advanced technology can be both beneficial and at the same time be detrimental to safe vehicle operations.

The concept of “tactical feel” was discussed in the operation of vehicles that are equipped with advanced safety technology systems and recommendations were presented as to how to best embrace change in driver behaviors and improve safety within our transportation systems.

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