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International Youth and Road Safety Conference

Rod Davis, chief executive officer for International Academy for Professional Driving and Viscount Group, Inc., will deliver the keynote address at “Youth and Road Safety…Challenges and Solutions” in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Transport and traffic safety organizations from all over the world will participate in the conference, which takes place Nov. 27-28, 2012.

This conference addresses the epidemic of traffic incidents among young people. Its purpose is to analyze the psychological, physiological, and sociological influences on traffic collision causation and present potential motivations for behavioral change.

Davis will address organizational leaders and stakeholders regarding the status of young drivers and their risk ratios within North America. His presentation entitled “Cradle to Grave…Not What it Should Be” is a reflection of young driver attitudes and associated risk-taking behaviors. Specifically, it focuses on the alarming fatality statistics that are taking young drivers to early graves. Davis will profile existing programs and explore initiatives that have the potential to reduce collision deaths and injuries.

“There is an increasing need to address young drivers’ attitudes towards road safety and risk taking,” said Davis. “The best way to influence positive change in driver behaviors is through teaching with proven methodologies and educational programs. This conference will serve as a call to action for safety professionals worldwide; we must combine resources and develop educational programs for safer roadways in every community.”

The Emirates Traffic Safety Society, La Prévention Routière International, and Arab Road Safety Organization coordinated and facilitated the Youth and Road Safetyevent. Its sponsors include transport, petroleum, and emergency services sectors. The World Health Organization, FIA Foundation, and FIM International Federation also provide conference support.

IAPD is a recognized leader in advanced, professional driver improvement. It leverages expertise in adult education, training, management, and professional driving to help clients establish and improve upon safe, efficient vehicle operation. IAPD’s 360-degree safe driving programs offer global clients a holistic adult education model for long-term success.

Viscount Group is an international network of established experts offering training, consulting, research, and products. Viscount experts deliver quality incident investigation, safety, emergency planning, and security services to a client list including governments, legal firms, transport entities, educational institutions, and law enforcement agencies.

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