Brian W. Turner


Brain Turner

Brian Turner provides overarching vision, directional leadership, and operational mandates for IAPD. In addition to handling operations, Mr. Turner identifies talent, partnerships, and technologies to take IAPD’s nationally successful solutions global.

His insight for how professional driver improvement should be integrated into organizational culture is fostering corporate growth and long-term client relationships.

From vehicle dynamics and control to human perception and reaction, Mr. Turner spent over a decade honing his expertise in every aspect of driving. When he joined the National Academy for Professional Driving (NAPD) in 2000, he had the opportunity to apply his skills in a training environment. Mr. Turner studied advanced techniques and collision causation under the firm’s founder, his father and veteran racecar driver Richard “Dick” Turner. Dick Turner architected groundbreaking professional driver improvement programs for segments including law enforcement, fire, ambulance, commercial, public works, and more.  In 2004, Mr. (Brian) Turner founded an accident investigation and reconstruction firm, Motion Reconstruction. As a licensed private investigator, he spent his days dissecting civil and criminal collisions. It was this experience that ultimately led him back to his true interest: collision prevention. Mr. Turner returned to NAPD as vice president in charge of examining and teaching what happens while driving, before the collision occurs. He eventually partnered with his father to split NAPD into two entities, resulting in the independently owned and operated IAPD. He has since expanded on the firm’s original innovations to deliver updated and legally defensible training to IAPD’s valued clients.

Mr. Turner’s professional commitment is mirrored by his personal experience as a competitive performance driver, which offered unmatched experience in understanding the limits and capabilities of vehicle mechanics.  He is an entrepreneur at heart and passionate about carrying forward his father’s commitment to the field of professional driving.

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